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This 7HP compound KT Engine was built in 1926 at Rochester, Kent, England. Used by the Public works Department Hobart (No 6) for stone crushing until 1929. In 1937 Mr W E Peterson used it for hauling power transformers and machinery to Tarraleah Hydro Station, then purchased by Mr J Paterson of Hagley in 1936 who used it for threshing and chaff cutting in the district. It was then sold to Mr Eddington who used it for land cleaning. Mr Edgar Cousins also owned it from 1949 – 1959 where it was used for chaff cutting, threshing and saw milling. Purchased by Pearn Brothers in 1968 and restored.
Aveling and Porter no 2524 6HP built in 1889 and purchased by Launceston building firm J&T Gunn.
Founded in 1875 by brothers John and Thomas Gunn, the first significant building undertaken by the company was the construction of St Andrews Church, followed by many other of historic buildings in Launceston.
In the 1890’s the company entered the timber industry and erected their first sawmill near the Tamar River. Mills were driven by steam engines and were fuelled by sawdust. In 1986 after 115 years of private ownership by the family, Gunns became a public company.
This engine is an example of the condition of many of the engines that were acquired by the Pearn Bros, prior to restoration in their farm workshop. This engine is one of only two surviving engines of this age left in the world.

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